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Best Grinders on the Market

Discussion in 'Grinders' started by dollymay, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. dollymay

    dollymay New Member

    i don't drink coffee as regularly as my husband, but I think I'm going to start (the new 6AM daily wake for work is getting to me!) What is the best grinder? I want to replace his dated version.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    How do you prepare your coffee?
  3. kocurekc

    kocurekc New Member

    I dig on the Baratza....nice quality for the price, you can get recur son their website...depending on how you brew, they have a grinder for you. If you just use drip, then go for the $80 grinder, if you pull espresso shots, grab the high end $450 grinder.
  4. Barrie_1860

    Barrie_1860 New Member

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  5. swedreaderguy

    swedreaderguy New Member

    You could tell us what coffee bean are you using.

    Not all grinders are made for every bean type.
  6. Mullarkey

    Mullarkey New Member

  7. ReneRTores

    ReneRTores New Member

    I would suggest you to choose Ninja coffee maker. It has Permanent filters gives a natural layer. It has the multi serve platform system on demands and moods. Ninja Coffee maker is the easy one to make perfect coffee. It has good features, various advantages and so on.
  8. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk New Member

    I have a doubt that through grinder we can prepare a coffee..
  9. Anne Katie

    Anne Katie New Member

    Same question. Looking for a great grinder. Thanks
  10. WfCBob

    WfCBob New Member

    Anne Katie,
    Depends on what you're brewing up but these two Baratzas are pretty popular:
    Baratza Virtuoso and Preciso Review

    Of course, if you've got the big bucks and are really serious about your espresso,
    the Mazzer Mini might be the one.
  11. Erna Mintz

    Erna Mintz New Member

    I would rather suggest you to get a Conical Burr Grinders. I have started using the Conical Burr Grinders very recently and you know what because of its inherent design it can grind the coffee without generating much heat. That off course will save lot of your money.
  12. Friedcoffee

    Friedcoffee New Member

    Mahlkonig, Mazzer and rancilio rocky are true grinders but that can be a bit strange for new users. Baratza has line of grinders that is good for newbies too. Here is a list of top grinders that can be found in most of the kitchens platforms.