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Help me guys

Discussion in 'CoffeeForum Support and Announcements' started by lola gabriela, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. lola gabriela

    lola gabriela New Member

    I am Lola from Seattle. I am new to this forum but not to coffee. I am addicted to coffee and that's what my mom say. I still a kid for here. I work for a firm and coffee is the first best companion during my working hours and coffee would be enough for me to stay for the whole day. I do agree that I am using more of coffee these days. But I don't think that it as an addiction. But my mom treats it as an addiction and wants me to undergo a treatment at Edgewood Health network (! ) as I am not able to control my coffee consumption. She was like these treatment center is close to our place and no one will know that I have consulted a doc for my addiction. I really felt awkward when I heard that as if I am an alcohol addict of somethingShe is treating me as an alcohol addict of something. That is an addiction treatment how can my coffee addiction will be going by this. How can I convince my mom that I will be able to control my coffee consumption? And she says my teeth looks like a smoker. Can anyone here tell me how to convince her? Guys just tell me how to convince here!!!
  2. Erna Mintz

    Erna Mintz New Member

    Hi, I was also a coffee fanatic like you. But recently I have restricted. Drinking too much of coffee is not a very good habit. it becomes a kind of addiction. Before you convince to your mom just start practicing to restrict the drink by diverting your attention towards something else less like a sugarfree gum.
  3. Friedcoffee

    Friedcoffee New Member

    When we are doing something strange, we are doing it in someone's other eyes and it is not felt by us. Try some meditation sort of things to control your mind and divert from coffee.
  4. Branden Ashton

    Branden Ashton New Member

    Hello friends,
    Coffee lover and coffee addict both are different, According to me being addicted means you cannot live without it, if you are able to living without a coffee, then you are not addicted and you can show it your mother that you are a coffee lover not a coffee addict. I also take coffee more likely at the time of work so it's not an addiction.
  5. maryhaugen

    maryhaugen New Member

    You can use straws. It will not good at looking but helps you in this case.
    Hehehe. I am a girl and I do the same to avoid loss of lip color
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  6. georgia

    georgia New Member

    We understood your thoughts so my opinion is told your mom about coffee uses it works.