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    We have a great new feature now at CoffeeForum, a Registry to show off your coffee area.

    Please submit you coffee setup now so we can all oggle over it, no matter what setup you got.

  2. Sierramadre

    Sierramadre New Member

    I love rich, deep coffee flavor and that is why I use either a French Press, or the BRAZILIAN ECO-FILTERS, which are 100 % Cotton.

    No need for a coffee machine on both methods, just boil water in a kettle, and the hotter the better.
    Yes sometimes depending how long you let it steep, the flavor is overpowering, but I will NEVER GO BACK TO PAPER FILTERS, or the K-Cups. No paper or plastic garbage and you can compost your grinds for a better garden.

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  3. Sierramadre

    Sierramadre New Member

    No paper or plastic waste, just deep rich coffee taste !

    It is really time to go RETRO and use reusable filtration.

    If you can stop the paper and plastic (K-Cup) garbage waste
    and get richer fuller coffee taste at the same time, well then.........what are you waiting for ????
  4. ruby01

    ruby01 New Member

    for going recycling everyone should use K-Cups.... :)
    Luv coffee..... :D
  5. 211bma

    211bma New Member

    I usually use a machine but there is no trash. When I travel I use the mypressi. I am a little into espresso, I used to use a Cona vacuum brewer but it really doesn't get much love around my house anymore. [​IMG][​IMG]

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