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Looking for a coffee machine for the office!

Discussion in 'Espresso & Coffee Machines' started by Lloydy24_7, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Lloydy24_7

    Lloydy24_7 New Member

    Hey everyone,

    My boss has asked me to look for a coffee machine for the office that he can "Impress" his clients with. What do people think the best coffee machine for an office would be?

    I found this article on the best office coffee machines. I don't think my boss means he wants drip coffee from the tone he set for me, so bean to cup is probably what he's after...

    Which is the best one? The article suggests the Jura XS90 One touch? Anyone tried one? Are they any good?


  2. Friedcoffee

    Friedcoffee New Member

  3. ReneRTores

    ReneRTores New Member

    You can buy Hamilton Beach Single Serve & full pot coffee maker. It’s full pot consists of 12 cup glass carafe as well as you can get a 14 oz travel mug as well. It’s control panel as well as display that are programming the brewing time up to 24 hours. I hope you will find best.
  4. WfCBob

    WfCBob New Member


    you've probably gotten your coffee maker squared away. But in case not, the Jura is a good machine. How many people are going to use it in your office? You mention the boss wants to impress, but he can do it for less: and the S9 would make a good office machine. Easy clean and maintenance as well as power saving features.
  5. katy2

    katy2 New Member

  6. Branden Ashton

    Branden Ashton New Member

    Disclose your budget, So that we can help you in better ways.
  7. Jeff Brackin

    Jeff Brackin New Member

  8. CoffeeLogic

    CoffeeLogic New Member