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Really great recipe for coffee/mint lovers:):):):)

Discussion in 'Cold Brew Coffee Forum' started by bellisimo_777, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. bellisimo_777

    bellisimo_777 New Member

    Frosted Mint Cappuccino

    In a 240ml Cup:
    15 ml Monin Frosted Mint
    2 shots Espresso
    Top with frothed milk

    Really great:):p
  2. havasu

    havasu Super Moderator

    That sounds fantastic but I got lost after reading about the 240ml cup. What the heck is that? ;)
  3. bellisimo_777

    bellisimo_777 New Member

    umm its just a normal coffee cup sorry bout that:)
  4. lilo0188

    lilo0188 New Member

    Up top & bookmark Isu500.............................!!!
  5. a7mun7

    a7mun7 New Member

    Thank a lot....... 20 char........... Isu500!!!
  6. sadesh

    sadesh New Member

    :p very intersting one, Thanks
  7. Branden Ashton

    Branden Ashton New Member

    Sounds good, I tried your recipe at my home and seriously amazing taste. I really like to serve it to my guest or share this recipe with my friends too. wavingcup
  8. Elairo

    Elairo New Member

    mmm I can just taste the sweetness, I wonder if it'll taste delicious Hot/Cold. I will definitely have to save this recipe.
  9. Richardcarrol

    Richardcarrol New Member

    It looks good. Want to try it one day at home.