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Tragic coffee cup loss

Discussion in 'Mug Display' started by havasu, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. MistahBean

    MistahBean New Member

    I confess: I have several favorite cups although I am known to cheat on them from time to time. I have my small ceramic Mickey Mouse cup and saucer from DisneyWorld for espresso luongos (its a "Minny" size of 5 ounces max), and my square-base handmade 10 ounce mug that is from a ceramic designer locally, and another souvenir mug my daughter brought back from Sea World that is massive, which I use for iced coffee. I hate small iced coffee.

    Yeah, I have to admit to mug love, I almost knocked Mickey off the counter yesterday and my heart skipped a beat - "Nooooooooooo-o-o-o-o Mickey, hang on!". Pitiful, really.
  2. havasu

    havasu Super Moderator

    You know, I thought I was the only freak who loved his "personal" coffee mug, but after reading stories from others, I guess we could all be classified as freaks!

    Or maybe we are all just "creatures of habits?"
  3. MistahBean

    MistahBean New Member

  4. havasu

    havasu Super Moderator

    Dammit, now I'm craving a cup of coffee!
  5. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Are there times when you aren't?
  6. havasu

    havasu Super Moderator

    I try to avoid coffee only late at night since now that I'm retired, it might keep me awake longer than I want to be.
  7. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    I don't drink five hours till my expected bed time, which means I stop drinking it about the time I get off of work.
  8. bigmike787

    bigmike787 New Member

    I suffered a tragic coffee cup loss earlier this year. I'm a UT alum and I had this bone colored latte mug with the Longhorn logo on both sides. It was simple and I had had it for years. I always kept it at work and it had survived years of use and several office moves. One day i'm cleaning it and it falls over in the sink and one side of the cup just caves in. I really wanted to cry. LOL
  9. havasu

    havasu Super Moderator

    I just realized that I never concluded my original story. The replacement mug my wife was suppose to get has been lost, and the girl can't find it anywhere. I have settled on another cup, which serves its purpose OK, but I still miss "ol' faithful!"
  10. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Sorry man, that's rough.
  11. jessebrock73

    jessebrock73 New Member

    Hey, I can completely understand your situation as I have been through the same and now searching for the site which can get me best cup for coffee :)
  12. itsalwayscoffeetime

    itsalwayscoffeetime New Member

    oh man, i totally know how you feel! i had my favourite coffee mug for years and my partner broke it. i've been searching for the same one, but the company that made it no longer carries it. i've moved on to a new mug, but no mug will ever be as perfect as that one!
  13. ray_john

    ray_john New Member

    I love my coffee mug too! Sad to see this. Though you should check for a replacement!
  14. josephfranklin166

    josephfranklin166 New Member

    I am Enjoying my coffee cup by reading all this very good.
  15. Angie

    Angie Administrator

    What does your favorite mug/cup look like Joseph?