Whiskey barrel aged coffee beans - yep.

Discussion in 'Cold Brew Coffee Forum' started by Carey, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Carey

    Carey New Member

    My son and I have started a fun new venture. Not sure how it's going to fly but we really like the coffee.

    Home Brew Coffee Company is offering alcohol barrel aged beans, roasted at high altitude, and offered to the world through Amazon.

    You can find out more at Home Brew Coffee Company and get on our "Let me know list" to get coupon codes and info on when the next batch is going to arrive at the Big A (Amazon).

    Since we're doing small batches at a time - and since the barrel aging process takes a while - the best bet is to get on the list so you know when to expect the coffee beans to be available.

    Currently our only product is Whiskey-barrel aged beans, but we have plans for beer-barrel, mead-barrel, and wine-barrel aged coffees.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions and offer a 20% discount to anyone who responds to this post.

    Happy coffee drinking!
  2. Jason Crane

    Jason Crane New Member

    How is your home brew coffee company going?